Speechless - silent movies & live music

In enchanting cinemas and always cultivated and intimate surroundings, the union of cinema and music is revived. The magic of memories on 35-millimeter reels that buzz in the back of the audience and project their flickering light onto the screen; a last cough in the tense room; the musicians briefly tune their instruments as the room lights finally dim...



The Berlin based trio, headed by the Swiss-American double bass player Simon Quinn accompanied by the German singer Zola Mennenöh and the Greek guitarist Charis Karantzas, has an unusual instrumentation which implies subtle and harmonious melodic twines generated by the meticulous interpretation of the written parts opposed to the elegance of improvised musical bits.

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Q3 a Musicians' Collective
TreMeandy / with Manuel Pramotton, Simon Quinn, Giacomo Reggiani



Nolan Quinn Quintet / with Nolan Quinn, Max Treutner / Jonathan Maag, Gregor Fticar / Mathieu Mauzé, Simon Quinn, Giacomo Reggiani / Brian Quinn
Andrej Ugoljew's DREI-ZVO / with Andrej Ugoljew, Johanna M Burnheart, Simon Quinn, Max Klaas, Hanno Stick / Martin Krümmling
Filipe Duarte Chamber Ensemble / with Filipe Duarte, Julius Gawlik, Natasha Jaffe, Simon Quinn
Filipe Duarte Quartet / with Filipe Duarte, Gregor Fticar, Simon Quinn, Mathias Ruppnig
Kati Brien's Dreamband / with Kati Brien, Bastian Duncker, Viktor Wolf, Andrej Ugoljew, Simon Quinn, Tilo Weber